Eco Measures

We have established a number of practices to ensure a smaller environmental footprint at our event. Read on to see all of the interesting projects that have arisen alongside Coalescence.

TREE PLANTING (donate to buy trees)

Each year, as a major event on the program, festival attendees volunteer an hour or two to plant as many trees as we can on the property neighboring the festival site. This area is in between two cassowary habitats and forms a connecting "corridor", enabling access to food and nesting sites for these endangered prehistoric birds.

If you'd like to help us out by donating to the cause, you can do so via this website:
Even a donation of only $2.50 puts a mighty rain forest tree in the ground, and 100% of the funds donated to this account will go toward planting and maintaining the expansion of the Cassowary Corridor!


For starters, we sort all of the recyclable materials from the bins to deliver them to the appropriate facility. The compostable stuff is sent to the big compost pit on the tree planting site. You can help here as well, by using the correct bins to dispose of your rubbish. It'll be easy; the bins will all be clearly labelled.


Next, we'll be composting all of the food scraps from the markets and from your cook-ups. Again, you can all get involved here too, simply by using the correct bin when you're getting rid of the left-overs. No meats or rubbish please; just vege's and paper products.


Another thing we compost onsite is human waste!
We've built six Batch Composting toilets onsite. We've managed to track down a stack of used wheelie bins and a bunch of other materials to build into two sets of fully upcycled self-contained composting dunnies! They're clean, safe, and great for the environment. In six months time we'll have a super-rich material to feed the 700 trees we planted at the 2017 festival.


Building on the little Solar Chill project we started in our first year, now we're rocking two whole sound systems powered entirely by stored sun energy! One for the Grind Control stage in the markets; amplifying bands, poets, and storytellers. And the other for the Solar Chill; playing smooth electronic journeys all weekend.

On a related note, the main sound system will be running on mains power. A definite improvement on the diesel generator we used on our first try.

We are also providing all of our ambient lighting this year via sun power as well. Solar panels charge all day, energy efficient LEDs glow all night!
The stage lighting will still be mains powered, but we're working towards 100% solar-powered lighting in future years.


We have linked up with some Science students at James Cook University who are keen to check out the soil situation on the property. They're going to take samples from several locations back to the lab and find out what's going on underneath the surface. There are a few good spots to check out and we're itching to find out how they all stack up. We have:

  • Some spots are infested with invasive weeds
  • Some where we dug the weeds out last year and replanted native rainforest
  • Some that were reforested about 10 years ago and are appear to be still growing strong

Stay tuned to see how the research goes! As usual, it'll all be published on the hivemind.


Another impact associated with outdoor events which is often overlooked is the carbon released by the activities. For this festival, we will be calculating the entire output of everything we do. We aim to hold ourselves accountable and then publish the data so that attendees can be fully aware of exactly what events like this cost in ecological terms. We are doing everything we can think of to reduce our emissions, we're trying to create a good time that doesn't cost the Earth! You can do your part by carpooling with your mates.
Our calculations will include:

  • Attendee's cars (we will ask you where you've driven from when you get to the gate)
  • The crew's cars: all the times we drove out to work on the site
  • Musician's flights
  • Diesel generator used to power sound and lighting
  • Mains electricity used to power market stalls

Seen something we can do better?


We're always up for more collaboration, so if you've got some top-secret eco-jedi talents that you'd like to share with us, please use the form below to let us know ;) 

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